The Zoe Ball Cocktail Choice

Yeh well. I wrote a spiel about giving up alcohol but have decided to use it for a feature elsewhere. When I get it published I’ll post it on the blog. If Zoe Ball can stop drinking, so can I. Tonight I had an apple juice; half way through I topped up with sparkling water which kind of made it more interesting. It’s easy to do, giving up drinking; you just have to…stop drinking. Having no wine in the house helps too. There’s plenty of juice, milk, hot chocolate, tea even. But hey, the gin bottle’s there, and the Jim Beam, and Jack Daniels……so what am I waiting for? Let’s party……


2 Responses to “The Zoe Ball Cocktail Choice”

  1. rachelkasaven Says:

    I’m now eighteen days without a drink. My tactic though was to put a bottle of wine in the fridge as though I’m OK to drink it as usual, and then to happily ignore it on the subconscious illusion that I can drink it whenever I want – I just choose not to. 🙂

    • Sara Hayward Says:

      Sounds good. Any tactics will do! Sara x

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