Shanks’ pony

One of the highlights of my life is walking. Not the necessary walking from A to B we all do but the kind that involves free time, me dog, personal choice and a “sod the washing up ” attitude.

There are three main walking areas in my repertoire: the Malverns, Bredon Hill and Hartlebury Common. Each has its own unique atmosphere; the Malverns are for when I wish I was in the Lake District, Bredon Hill for walking in the Cotswolds and Hartlebury walking through pine trees somewhere on the coast. I haven’t yet found the spot for a luxury fortnight in the Caribbean, I’m still looking, but I’ll let you know when I find it.

All this proves that as an artist I have a sound imagination. The greatest creative ideas come when I’m out walking, kicking pine cones, jumping puddles, lost in a reverie surrounded by Nature; because of them I find the solutions to my creative problems; I also become a world reknowned artist,  international bestseller, creative with the greatest fan base, longest queue and most red dots. Fantastic!

I wish.

Seriously though Sunday walks produce Monday’s ideas and a spot of “me time” away from domestic drudgery and teenage technology (sorry, make that teenagers in general.)

Briskly putting one foot in front of the other come rain or shine provides thinking time as valuable as gold dust, and the cheapest antidepressant.  It is a moving meditation and I thoroughly recommend it.


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