whippet lurcher (haiku 1031)

grey whispy cloudlike

whipping past  into the wind –

fast whippet lurcher


2 Responses to “whippet lurcher (haiku 1031)”

  1. Aine Scannell Says:

    Hello Sara

    I haven’t forgotten you !!! and what a good fellow print maker you were to me. Hopefully you remember sending me the photocopied note about the salt etch process !! As usual I was one of the first people doing it at our print workshop and so I was just finding my way with the new technique.

    Now everyone at FDPW, etching on Zinc, uses it and one fellow artist there “Angela” who also has a blog (http://blog.angelaheidemann.co.uk/) is interested like me in trying to get pieces realized using aluminium.

    Still think yours are excellent.

    These pictures here on your blog look
    intriguing( I don’t know why but I really like drawings and trace mono types on text). Would you maybe say something about what your idea is, with these pieces so that we can understand where you are coming from.

    Me – on my blog – if anything I ramble on way too much. Liked that lino print of yours on your website too . Put a link to it on this blog will you ? so people can check it out.

    Maybe you might write about doing the copper sulphate etch process too. I am sure other printmakers artists would appreciate learning from your experoience thats why I write about my pieces in terms of technical development. I mean thats how I have learned a lot of stuff i.e., from people writing about it on their blogs and its great to be able to benefit.
    Forgive me If I am waffling –I will quietly slink away now. Is it possible with WordPress to put a gadget in the sidebar that allows people to become ‘followers” ? That – I find helps me to keep networked to blogs. by artists who interest me.

    best wishes


    • Sara Hayward Says:

      Hi Aine,
      Great to hear from you. Thanks for all your comments and feedback. Am a bit of a novice at all this blogging so am just learning. Would dearly like to add “followers” sidebar but haven’t a clue how to go about it.
      Liked the look of your blog too when I had a peep so will take a proper look when I have a moment.
      Am enjoying uploading my haikus and lifedrawings on a daily basis – have so many there is no danger of them drying up! Shall still be going when I’m 90.
      Hope you are well.
      Delighted to hear you’re all experimenting with the saline copper sulphate approach – fantastic. Haven’t used it for a while.
      I wonder which linocut you were referring to – perhaps you could give me a title – thanks.
      Speak soon,

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