110403 Mothering Sunday

The thing about cropping images is that at first glance you don’t quite know what it is. So it was with this image when I viewed the minature jpeg image on file. Initially I thought it was a pair of fingers dancing like tweezers. It wasn’t easy tackling the foreshortening of the instep.

Today is Mothering Sunday & I have just delivered a dozen nosegays of flowers out of our garden to Worcester Cathedral where fittingly a baptism is taking place this morning. I managed to find narcissi, daffodils (still in bud) and keri japonica in the garden with variegated greenery for interest. They looked gorgeous and very pretty for Junior Church to hand out at the end of the service. This is a haiku I wrote exactly a year ago (on Mothering Sunday).

mothering sunday

flowers reminder of all

mothers fading fast

sketch book study in medical dictionary: Comrie, J.D 1931 News Chronicle Home Doctor Morrison and Gibb Ltd., London


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