110413 spring clean

There must be a blue moon somewhere because I’ve just vacuumed under the bed. I found a long lost tin of vaseline and plenty of naval fluff but you really didn’t want to know that. Spring is in the air and with it comes the desire to clear the decks and scrub the scullery cupboard. My studio is next on the agenda so I shall take a deep breath and go in there armed with a dozen bin bags and be ruthless. I feel a minimalist moment coming on so watch this space. In reality I shall of course get side tracked and start reading every darn piece of paper in piles on the floor and set up elaborate filing systems instead of adopting the digger approach and  just chucking it. When I was a student they called me Tuesday Hayward, now they could very well call me Hoarder Hayward and I would understand why. I blame my mother for instilling the Waste not Want not idealogy in to me and starting every sentence with ” in the war you know…”

sketch book study in medical dictionary: Comrie, J.D 1931 News Chronicle Home Doctor Morrison and Gibb Ltd., London


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