110427 new work

Agatha Christie

Have just started a series of female literary portraits. Strictly speaking these are illustrations as they are not done live and are created from reference material. The men (Graham Greene, Evelyn Waugh et al ) were produced a while ago so now it is the ladies’ turn. Yesterday I put the basics down for Virginia Woolf, Enid Blyton, Germaine Greer, Anita Brookner and four others. They are going well and it is a joy to be working in the conservatory (my studio is too untidy) with gorgeous views of the garden, standing as I always do when I paint. Unfortunately a fly landed on Enid but I managed to squidge it and wipe it away before the paint dried. The printmaker in me is more than happy to work in series and to have eight illustrations on the go feels quite normal; I happily work from one to another treating each as an equal member of a family. Laurie Anderson is proving the most difficult at the moment as her face is too broad. At the moment I am using acrylic but may change to oil when more Liquin arrives (I haven’t ordered it yet, mind you). We’ll see. Royal Wedding fever has gripped the country and tomorrow St Mary’s Convent school down the road is hosting a garden party for the neighbours. Shall I go? Again, we’ll see. On verra!


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