120315 All the time in the world

I have been thinking long and hard about my next body of work. I have decided that my paintings will develop a new language of colour whilst my illustrations will continue their exagerrated quirky pen and ink style.  The good news is that they are all there in my head; the bad news is that they have yet to appear on paper. But they will, I promise you, they will. 

I was very taken by the Edward Burra exhibition I saw recently at Pallant House in Chichester. The experience inspired a short story called Loaded which  I intend to submit it to Mslexia magazine if I can meet the deadline early next week; but deadlines can be very good at focusing all energies, and forcing you to pull out the stops,  knowing full well that if you miss another year that’s a whopping 365 from where you want to be. Which isn’t a good place to be, unless of course you have all the time in the world. Which we don’t, do we?

*Stop Press* Sadly I didn’t meet the deadline but shan’t beat  myself up about it too much; I was busy with other things. I’ll get there one day!


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