120405 slow drawing


The recent life drawings I have been working on are all about speed of execution. I find that the quicker I work the better they are, capturing the immediacy of the pose and the energy of the moment. Perhaps it is because I draw regularly and frequently and am up and running that I can begin effortlessly. Anyway it works for me and keeps the studies fresh and full of vitality.

However, I recently produced an illustration of the Queen for the Worcestershire Arts Trail event which runs during the Diamond Jubilee weekend at the start of June. Inspired by a photograph by Gloucestershire photographer Dorothy Wilding it captured the Queen as a young woman. The illustration I produced was quickly executed and fresh but sadly inaccurate and had to be archived. Above is a second study where I deliberately slowed down and took greater care; it wasn’t easy for me to work in this way but it was more relaxing, and as I chilled out, listened to radio 4, drank more cups of tea, I found a new way of working. You can see where I let  myself go in the pink  wash background, pushing and pulling the wash hither and thither with free abandon. That was the part I enjoyed the most. This new approach was rather like the slow food movement but in this case the slow art movement. Of course I could have worked even more slowly, with even greater care, and will perhaps try that in the future. Let me know what you think!


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