120417 new blog visuals

I am delighted entries are trickling in for my new blog about the people of Worcester. They are often light hearted and have me chuckling out loud at the key board. There are an infinite number of responses to the same question I discover and naturally each builds a picture about the interviewee. I’m finding it so revealing. I feel like an anthropologist? I like to think I’ll still be sitting here uploading the responses when I am 93, and why not? As yet I haven’t managed to upload any photos or drawings of the contributors but soon I will get the hang of it and then it will balance the visual element and be far more interesting. A few participants prefer to remain anonymous which is of course absolutely fine and I respect their privacy. If you have a moment check it out: weareworcester.wordpress.com

I ventured into my studio yesterday and started a new body of work. It leaves a lot to be desired at the moment but watch this space; I’ve made a start. Hurray! And charged up my video camera so that I can catalogue the experience and post it on YouTube. Anonymous? Moi? I don’t think so.

Incidentally I love the drawing on the left; it is so fresh and vibrant; the sort of drawing you produce in thirty seconds when you’ve discarded the first 30. Just a shame I was using cheap paper. You live and learn.


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