New Year New Post


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

Monday went well despite the snow. The train was cancelled but I managed to get to Winterbourne to meet the staff trampling through a foot of snow. I met the front of house staff, curator and marketing team plus a number of others and was shown the tradesman entrance in case I want to arrive early before the public. I was shown my studio space which has wonderful first floor views over the seven acre garden and look forward to making myself at home there. You can find me off the hobbies room every Monday plus one other day each week for ten months. Where? Winterbourne House and Gardens opposite the Barber Institute as artist in residence at Winterbourne House & Garden, Birmingham University. Watch this space! With my new camera I took some footage of the snow in the hazel tunnel and the students on campus moving around like ants between lectures. I shall knit snippets together for a short film to be shown next February and March. I was filming on the train but didn’t quite turn it off so there was a long shot of a bloke’s knee; similarly sod’s law I stopped filming and put the camera away just as an iced over canal came into view with Canada geese walking around on it.


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