water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

January 24th 2013

Drove up to Winterbourne with a car load of stuff; canvases, easel, tubs of paint and primer, art materials and a few books to establish my new studio space. No recent snow fall so the journey was easy and we sailed through. A stream of students were just leaving as we arrived for the private view of the new upper rooms at Winterbourne: there’s an Edwardian nursery, Nina the teenage daughter’s room, the governess’ room, also a hobbies’ room leading onto my studio. The staff were racing around making final adjustments and then at 5.30pm the first of fifty arrived for the reception. I chatted to the editor of Birmingham’s Gem magazine, two of Winterbourne’s volunteers, a Birmingham Councillor, an ex KES headmaster and his wife, the marketing manager of the Barber Institute, and the new director of the B.I, Nicola Kalinsky. Alison Derby made a short speech to us all from the stairs and announced my position as artist in residence as from Monday. Paul enjoyed seeing the whole wonderful set up for the first time and said I’d have a great time. We’re ready for the off!


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