Charcoal & Exotics Day 1


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

January 28th 2013

I produced a drawing of the primitive African man and woman sculptures in the railway room in my sketch book in line and tone and then translated these into compressed charcoal upstairs in my studio. Chatted to people passing through from specialist cactae man to former producer at the BBC. Two A1 drawings. Tip off from Lee that leek and potato soup was all Winterbourne home grown; ate some and enjoyed some. Set up a visitors’ book and chatted to 3 Spanish students from Murcia over here on an Erasmus scheme. Photographed by a University student for newspaper. Cold. Got togged up and went out in the afternoon to draw the gardens – drew structure of hazel tunnel. Walked down to the Japanese sunken garden and collected twigs with which to draw.  Said hi to the chickens then holed up in the cactus house and began a pencil study of the cactae. Stuck my head in the jungley orchid house and returned via the palm house past lime, pineapple and banana plants through the shop to see the plants on sale, potting shed and printing workshop. Back in studio did  a twig and ink study of the drawing I’d produced outside. Walked to station in torrential rain; soaked to the skin; damp journey home.


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