Lake & Screws Day 2


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

January 30th 2013

Windy sunny day with blue skies. My train was cancelled so arrived half an hour late. Did a quick self portrait study and worked in single colour collage; two of views form the window and one in the cactus house. Wandered around the garden with my sketch book and drew the chickens, orchids in the orchid house, and a number of landscape views. Had heard visitors talking about the lake and assumed they meant the Japanese sunken lake but when they remarked it was through a gate I twigged it might be different. Pushing open the gate and stepping forth felt like entering a magical secret garden and there indeed past the bog was an enormous lake – Edgbaston pond with moor hens swimming around. John Nettlefold made his money from screws (GKN), ammunition and the instigation of a social housing programme, for example, the Moor Pool Estate. His wife Margaret was a founding member of EHSG. Spoke to an ex KEHS English teacher today who lives next door to my old English teacher, Miss Jones. In the studio experimented with watercolour and chatted to Lee about his lantern collection. 


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