Chickens & Cactae Day 3


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

February 4th 2013

Cold February day; started raining as I approached Winterbourne. Spent the morning putting on a base layer of oil onto eleven primed boards, each one a different tertiary colour, scratching through to reveal the first colour; a useful starting point. May try to use the tertiary colours found in arts and crafts design, for example, the mint and jade and raw umber colours of the vase downstairs. After a Ryvita lunch in the office I went outside sketching with coloured pencils from 3-4pm. Studied the chickens in their coop, a cactae in the cactus house, plus a pencil study of the house with its enormous arts and crafts gables. The walled garden brick work is the colour of blackcurrant and red clay. Heard the thwack of hockey ball on sticks and the call of crows trying to outdo one another. Managed to find myself locked in the garden but located a kind gardener who showed me the secret way back to the front door. Chatted to folk from Coleshill and Coventry. Heard, “Our Mum,” which took me back, and “innit,” which didn’t. 


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