Hearts & Weezil Day 6


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

February 14th 2013

Birmingham still had white pockets of snow all around. I had a look at the Barber Institute fine art library first thing and at the miniatures upstairs. I rearranged the studio to create more wall space for painting. I went round today looking for arts and craft movement motifs and wrote a quote for marketing Anna plus had a word with Alison in her office. Most importantly I met Weezil THE CAT! Apparently he has been a fixture and fitting for many years. Being Valentine’s day the restaurant was hosting a special dinner and I witnessed the horror of an iron singeing a tablecloth during the after hours preparations which was both alarming and comical; it must have been on too hot a setting to say the least as it went straight through. At least they had a few spares. It was a dull overcast day and I met a different crew of volunteers as I hadn’t been at Winterbourne on a Thursday before. I found out how to get a Birmingham University library card and heard that Birmingham’s Art Fest has been cancelled due to lack of funds; a great shame. As always the day went by in a flash and as I write this on the train I am starving hungry; had to run for the train as it took longer to clean my brushes than I had anticipated; must have used up any left over calories. Started to add snow to my oil.


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