Chichester & Curtains Day 7


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

February 22nd 2013

Bitterly cold. Zero degrees. Fine flurry of snow at one point  but didn’t settle. Having visited New Art Centre/Roche Court near Salisbury and seen Barbara Hepworth drawings at Pallant House gallery, Chichester, I’m feeling fired up and full of inspiration; worked in collage and charcoal in sketchbook developing ideas of an all encompassing motif. Chatted to a university medic student and his family from Leeds and a lady from Barnt Green where I was born; she knew my father and lives next door to my old primary school teacher who taught me to ride my bike. Very small world. Learned that Virgin website is best for comparing train fares. I need to order some paint and paper and download film produced thus far so that I can free up the SD card. Too cold to be outside today. Productive time working in studio developing ideas in different media. Studio much improved now they’ve taken down the William Morris curtains – pretty though they were – it felt too much like a bedroom. Lady on the train on the way home was reading the chapter “What are lichens?” from a book entitled, “Lichens as Pollution Monitors”. 


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