Reiki & early music Day 10


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

March 5th 2013

Spring is in the air. Flung open the studio windows. Handed my snowy film footage to Anna so that she can try to save and show some film snippets when I’m not around. Planned out more compositions for my book looking at key outlines creating a frameork within which I can push colour around. Added further watercolour to A6 sketchbook studies. Attended a lunchtime concert at Barber Institute only to find it was at the top of the Bramell building so ran there to hear a recital of early music: Froberger, Sweelinck, Ramean, Moule, Verdi, Strozzi, Seiber, Rainaldi, Rossi and Rovetta. Some of the pieces were sung, others played on the harpsichord. Magical. Amazing contemporary space beneath the dome. awesome. Back in the studio I continued searching out arts and crafts decorative motifs around the interiors. Chatted to  one visitor about the benefits of Reiki.


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