Bear’s & Snuff Day 11


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

March 7th 2013

Grey dismal damp drizzly day. Drawing in the nursery two days ago was challenging as there is a problem with the sensor. Hence the tune of the Teddy Bear’s Picnic is playing constantly and appears to go faster and faster forcing you out of the room to find an axe! Normally the music is triggered by new movement in the room and there is a sedate pause between playing but not at the moment. The first thing  I did on arriving in the studio today was turn off the lights as I prefer natural daylight whenever possible. I realised I had forgotten my specs so the lunchtime lecture might be a bit blurred. Primed the back of a number of paintings- aka recycling- because I can’t bear to paint over them but I may not necessarily wish to start a new piece. Attended the lunchtime lecture at the Barber Institute about the changing landscape of Paris during the French revolution; very interesting.  Completed adding watercolour to my sketchbook and began working on two illustrations of Winterbourne landscape which I might use as a backdrop for the picture book: Where’s Snuff! It will be a story about John & Margaret Nettlefold’s little dog, Snuff. Clare is going to give me copies of photographs of the family to aid the research. Chatted to three young people from Finland who were impressed I had been to Helsinki (I exhibited at the British Embassy in Helsinki in 2005 representing the creative industries of the West Midlands). Began some big splashy abstract paintings- layer one.


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