Scullery & NADFAS Day 9


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

February 28th 2013

Clear cold blue sky day. Very productive planning day. Have a whole new range of ideas to explore. Considered the children’s picture book more closely and looked at the family history and the children who lived here and what they might have got up to. Tried to upload some of my film onto the screen in the studio but to no avail as my laptop kept crashing. Chatted to a man named George about the university art collection which I must find time to see in particular Paolozzi’s prints and the primitive art collection. Thought about the subject matter as well as the style. Looked into the kitchen and scullery which will surely feature, also their shop, which won’t. Chatted to a lady from NADFAS – West Midlands regional Chair no less- and another representative from the parks and gardens department regarding the possibility of doing some workshops. Developed a tiny A6 sketchbook (a format I hadn’t used before), adding dark wash to the pencil studies. Worked on each double page spread before drying it on an old fashioned Edwardian radiator beneath the window. I now have a clearer idea of my direction which is helpful. Need to get a quote from a printer for my small book to assess if it is viable to self publish. It would have 47 double page spreads. Watch this space!    


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