David Lodge Day 13


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

March 12th 2013

Continued in square format but this time worked in watercolour which is similarly challenging; very unforgiving. Started six side by side studies which I can work back into with mixed media also. Late afternoon I went across to the Barber Institute with Sunny to hear David Lodge talk about his novel, “Changing Places.” He was introduced by the wife of the novelist Jim Crace. Liked his use of a variety of stylistic formats in the book, eg. third person, first person and script; gave me an idea for the text in my picture book. I call it that as it is aimed at children and adults. Slightly embarrassing as he was asked at the end to choose between a bottle of wine and a bottle of champagne as  a gift and as the bottles were physically there we all felt he should be given both; but he wasn’t . He took the champagne and kindly signed my first edition copy of Changing Places. Upstairs in the gallery afterwards I saw the latest acquisition: a Reynolds they had hung that veryday; it had been given to the state in lieu of death taxes apparently. Talking informally to the marketing man at the Barber they apparently receive income from paintings loaned out so the large Manet for example is currently down in London at the Royal Academy. 


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