Art Review: Dan Roach


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

Art Review

A new exhibition in Worcester Cathedral, “The Foundations of Remembrance “by Cumbrian born artist and University of Worcester lecturer Dan Roach shows five recent abstract paintings and one drawing in a quiet corner of the cathedral known as the crypt. “Crypt” meaning “hidden place” is very apt as the viewer has to search out the art works hidden in and amongst the thousand year old stone pillars as the artist creates a dialogue between his art and the cathedral architecture.

The exhibition concludes his eighteen month artist in residency; small, intimate in scale and finely executed, the paintings contrast with the almighty scale of the cathedral and have a whispering presence; however with no labelling there are few clues as to their meaning. The paintings are a response to Dan’s memories of places he once inhabited and an attempt to visualise the sensation of security he once felt.

During the course of his residency he has developed a visual language based on the motif of a six sided shape taken from a wasps’ nest. “I’m interested in the notion of re-visitation to places that no longer exist and how the poetic reimaging of such spaces might be explored through painting and drawing,” he states. The resulting exhibition is contemplative, enigmatic and worth revisiting if only to find some answers.


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