Art Review: Lucy Tomlins


water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

It is fitting that the current sound installation by artist Lucy Tomlins- composed of moments recorded at a Premier League football match and interlaced with recordings by Worcester Cathedral choristers- can be found in the Cathedral’s Chapter House, for its unique circular design creates near perfect acoustics. Normally one person talking can be heard from any other seat in this round building so it is an extraordinary experience to hear the whole of the West Bromwich Albion fan base juxtaposed with Worcester Cathedral’s choir in songs of praise and worship.

Familiar renditions of psalms and football songs are interwoven to create a new evocative sound piece which is mesmerising, haunting and at times startling. Laughter, clapping, chanting, and sudden silence capture the fervour, euphoria & disappointment of the football ground; the harmony and the discord.

This is a must hear experience especially to convert those who only see art as visual. Whilst I was there visitors commented, “profoundly clever,” “excited as a Baggies fan,” “loud.”

Built nearly a thousand years ago the Chapter House was once a meeting place for monks; now hearing the roof raised to both the angelic and raucous strains of Psalm 23 and When the Saints Go Marching In, I think they would approve.


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