Headaches & heads Day 19

2 flowersSaturday 20th April 2013

I set off early to walk to Shrub Hill station only to find Saturday timetables are different; not only was the train I was hoping to get on later than expected but when I eventually sat on it found it didn’t stop at my stop, the university (evidently students sleep in on Saturdays and don’t need to attend lectures, silly me). I therefore got off and walked on to Foregate St. station, enjoying the early morning sights of Worcester. Eventually arriving at Winterbourne for their big child friendly bug orientated open day an hour later than expected I sidestepped a banana skin that I suspected had been deliberately placed on the pavement opposite Winterbourne to find I had forgotten my lipstick! I had to make do the whole day with lip liner which as any self respecting female will know has zero moisturising affect and is not the same thing as lipstick by any means.

Imagine my surprise therefore when half way through a session with 29 charcoal experimenting little ones (Esthers and Ellas and Orlas and Bellas) I was tapped on the shoulder by my old headmistress, Miss Evans. My goodness I thought, you’re wearing trousers (Miss Evans always wore a perfectly accessorized twin set & twin suit). Woh! I thought, do not say anything; you are not wearing lipstick (people in glass houses). I unfroze from shock and substituted a curtsy (which would have been over the top) for an awkward kiss on the cheek which seemed to do the trick. Hey ho. 


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