The Winterbourne Portraits

water colour study from my sketch book

water colour study from my sketch book

Since June I have been in a new studio above the shop at Winterbourne. It is an old hayloft and has good light and views over my favourite part of the garden: the kitchen garden. Most importantly I now have a kettle which means I can stop and reflect every couple of hours; crucial for creativity! I have been working on a series of “portraits” inspired by old photographs and glass slides of the Nettlefold family. I am hoping to frame them up and leave them around the house when I leave. I was down in the National Gallery last weekend looking closely at twentieth century portraits. I particularly the works of liked Grant, Sickert, Gilman and John. There are eight portraits now: Margaret (nee Chamberlain) and John Nettlefold, and their six children Valerie, Beatrice, Nina, Lois, Evelyn, and Ken. With the heat of the summer now behind us it was however very hot at times in the hayloft and I enjoyed listening to snippets of conversation wafting up from below. Now that the portraits and film are resolved I hope to work on some more abstract paintings.


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